Extract email addresses from your Gmail™ account

Step-by-Step instructions to extract unique email addresses from your Gmail account.

No software required. No giving away your Gmail password to any third party.

Extract Name and Email addresses of selected mails and/or all the email messages from Gmail inbox and Gmail mail folders and labels.

  • Click on the "Sign-in with Google" button. You will be taken to Gmail login screen. Enter your @gmail.com address, if you are using Google Apps, enter your full email address with your Google Apps domain name.
  • On successful login, you will prompted by Google to Allow access to gmailextractor.com service. After you grant access you will redirected back to our site automatically. You are only signing-in to your Gmail account directly and authorising our site to access your Gmail account inorder to extract the emails on your behalf. We do not store your password or email messages on our server. You can revoke/cancel this access anytime after you have extracted the email address.

  • After you click on "Allow access", you will now see all your mail folders and labels (including sub-folders / nested labels) in your Gmail account. To get a feel of how it works, initially choose a mail folder or label that does not have many email messages in it and click "Extract"
  • Watch the progress while Sender's Name and unique Email ids (in "From:" mail header) are extracted from the email messages that are in the selected folder.
  • If you have many email messages in your folder typically in your Inbox, then it is recommended to a choose an email message range - say From 100th To 200th email and then click "Extract". Do not choose your Inbox and then click on Extract if you have thousands of emails in it. Enter message numbers and then click Extract.

  • After extraction is complete, you will see two "Download as .CSV" options - Download with Name and Email and Download Email ids only. Click on it and save the file. You can open this file in any worksheet/spreadsheet program like MS-Excel. You can use this .CSV file and import into any email software for mailing. If you download the Name and Email file then the same can be imported into Gmail Contacts or Outlook or Thunderbird and so you will be adding your Gmail Email senders as your Contacts.

Extract email ids in To, CC, Bcc from your SentMail folder.
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